Becca Cahan Custom Watercolor House Portraits //

If you are interested in a custom house portrait at this time, please inquire by Emailing me - You can click HERE to directly send an email.

Please include in the email at least one photo of the house so I can accurately give you an estimate, even if that photo is just a google street view screenshot. Upon confirmation, I will request a high quality photo as straight on as possible of the whole house and closeups of any special details you would request. include what you would like written below the house-see below for examples. Feel free to cite examples from this page if there is a style of lettering below the house you'd like me to emulate. 

My house portraits are 11"x14" - 11"x17", which is the size I recommend, but I can also do smaller or larger sizes upon request. You can click to enlarge any photo and get an idea of the style of illustrations I can provide for you! I'd love to help make a special memento for you and your loved ones. My watercolor house portraits make great housewarming or moving gifts.