I love this purple edge gilded journal of mine with Studio Oh! At 5.5" x 8.25", this journal is perfect to slip in a bag or easily carry around and jot notes. The interior is filled with 192 lined pages that are Smyth sewn so the pages easily lay flat. The cover of this journal showcases my Live Love Laugh piece, while the liner sheets are a nice pop of color with a special recolored version of my wander pattern. I love the beautiful texture of the cover that showcases the original watercolor painting so perfectly, and the touch of the matching satin ribbon to mark your spot in the journal is the perfect finishing touch!

You may purchase this gilded journal on Amazon or at your local book/gift store that stocks Studio Oh! products. See Studio Oh!'s list of stores their products are for sale here (keeping in mind some stores may not be listed & the stores listed are not guaranteed to sell this particular item).